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We Build Startups

We help passionate tech entrepreneurs build and grow their dream by taking them from Idea to Concept to Market Traction. Our team can build a startup for you or with you. Choose the path that suits your needs.


Branding & Online Positioning | Idea Validation | Development | Launch | Resource Connections |Traction | Funding

Because Working Together Is Better

Building and Growing Early Stage Startups

Streamlined Communication

We involve you in every step of the process ensuring you approve of execution plans and can provide feedback along the way. Our team will be available to talk through ideas that better align your success with our efforts.

Strategic Innovation

Our team enhances your startup vision with market research, reliable data, and creative execution. We gain a clear understanding and focus on being the catalyst to your success.

ROI Driven Processes

Our job isn't just to help you build a product. We build the foundation for a thriving business. We will recognize opportunities for growth and offer you assistance in taking steps towards them.

Web Agency Services

Startup Branding, Design, Marketing, & Development

We'll leverage our expertise and experience to build your startup's essential elements for you.

♦ Website Design

♦ Branding Strategy & Design

♦ Web or Mobile Applications

♦ Social Media & Email Marketing

♦ Paid Advertising

♦ Content Management

Our team is prepared to do the heavy lifting to give early stage startups a competitive edge.

Startup Accelerator - From Concept To Market Traction

Join A 10-Month CoWorking Experience

Already have a concept? We've partnered to build a global innovation accelerator that helps founders build and grow ROI driven products and scale their business from concept to market traction. Early founders gain:

♦ Solid Foundation for Growth

♦ Access to Staff

♦ Key Partnerships

♦ Initial Customers

♦ Financial Backing

♦ And Essential Resources

70% of startups fail within the first 5 years. We fill the gaps to beter position startups for success.

Startup Studio + Accelerator - From Idea To Concept To Traction

Bring Your Idea To A 13-Month CoWorking Experience

Are you a non-technical founder with a brilliant idea? Want to build your product the right way and avoid wasting time and money? We'll partner with you to build your product and we'll launch it together. Idea Stage founders gain:

♦ Everything Included in the Concept to Market Program

♦ We’ll be your Technical Cofounder and Build the Product

♦ Our Market Validation Strategy and Market Relationships

♦ We partner to Test and Validate the idea with our Network

♦ Weekly One-On-One Advisory Meetings

♦ A process to Better Understand Your Market

Most founders build products with no product market fit, no real problem-solution alignment, and experience early founder burnout. We correct this.

Founder & CEO of Konnectic Energy

Kiara Thomas

“I was looking for a web designer and at Konnectic Energy I found a team that helped me with branding, a logo, and ultimately a web site that captured my idea and vision perfectly. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a talented, driven and hard working team that will help take your business to another level Konnectic Energy is the right hire.”

Web Design, Branding Strategy, & Marketing

"Kiara was great to work with. She was quick, followed direction and did a fantastic job."

Web Design

"Communicated very well. I would recommend."

Web Design

"Kiara was amazing to work with! Will definitely be hiring her again."

Web Development

"This is our 3rd time working with Kiara! She's been incredible - great communication & fantastic quality. Will definitely be working with her again in the future!"

Web Design

"Working with Kiara is always a pleasure. I've worked with her a handful of times and she always delivers amazing results!"

Web Design

"Extremely quick and speedy work. Kiara is amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Web Design

"Thank you! It was a true pleasure :)"

Web Design

"Kiara, as with previous projects I've worked on with her, provided incredible work very quickly. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for help creating a website!"

Web Development

"Thank you for help with this project Kiara!"

Web Development

"Kiara was a great help with our project. She was quick, efficient and gave us insight beyond the job description that will help us going forward. Would recommend!"

Web Development

"So interested in making sure she knew exactly what message I wanted to convey! Worked diligently and engaged me with questions as she brainstormed. So appreciative and looking forward to her creating my website!"

Copywriting & Marketing

"What a great experience! Fast, reliable and top quality copywriting. Thank you!"

Copywriting & Marketing

We build software that we’re proud of.

They help your workflow and your business grow.

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