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Virtual Mall Application for Andre Scott (And Family)

Proposal presented by: Konnectic Energy

Client's Idea

The client would like a mobile application with a build your own mall concept.

This concept will follow a mall directory model. It will list retail stores and provide details and directions. 

The target market will be millennials looking for a convenient app that lists all of their favorite stores.

The Mobile Application features would include push notifications, geolocation for "near you" ability, signup payment processing, and enable stores to update their own listing.

Pre-launch Consulting, Branding, and Marketing

During the development of your application, we will help you lay out the ground work for launching a successful digital business.

This includes consulting on the direction of the application, early stage marketing on your behalf, and beginning the creation of your brand.

Below you'll find the milestone journey for launching your digital business. 

Pre-Launch Milestone Journey

It's our goal to give your digital business its best chance at success. Therefore we have crafted a plan to support you in the critical pre-launch phase. In addition to building your mobile application, we will offer consulting, branding, and pre-launch marketing. Milestones will overlap and occur nearly simultaneously. However, each milestone will have an approval process so that the client is included in each step.

Milestone 1 - The Concept & The Brand

During this milestone, we will iron out your concept and create a brand. The process is as follows: 1. Detailed Wireframes and Clickable Prototypes - We will iron out details for your idea by drawing and animating prototypes. Using this method we can understand the full functionality of the application and get your feedback and revisions before we begin development. 2. Workflows and Developer Instructions - We will create user experience workflows and instructions based on your feedback for our developer. This helps make the development process smooth. 3. The Name and Logo - We will guide you in choosing the best name using popular key word research then design a logo for your digital business. The logo will be custom designed to suit your concept. 4. Branding - We will design a branding board. The branding board will include application colors which will be used for all marketing. 5. App Development Begins - Finally, we will have everything needed to begin and complete development.

Milestone 2 - The Market

During this milestone, we will help you discover and reach out to your market with the goal of building an audience before the application launches. The process is as follows: 1. Build A Customer Waitlist - We will create and launch a Facebook Ads campaign targeting your desired audience. The ad will lead to a landing page and collect email addresses from interested future customers. 2. A Website - We will build a marketing website that informs customers and directs them to your mobile app. This website will be key to online reputation building. 3. Onpage Search Engine Optimization - We will run a competitor analysis to find key words that increase the search engine, i.e. Google, success of your competitors. Then we will optimize your website to compete in ranking for these key words.

Milestone 3 - The Launch

This milestone wraps up our pre-launch journey and launches your business in the online market. We'll carry out the following steps: 1. Mobile App Approval - We will schedule a Walkthrough and present the complete mobile application. This will be your time to request any final revisions before launch. 2. Website Approval - Likewise, we will present the website and request any final revisions. 3. The BIG Launch - We will submit the application for publishing your app to the Apple store. Then we'll create "available now" social media/email graphics, a video ad, and launch a Facebook Ad campaign promoting your mobile app. This will help you build hype around your mobile application and generate first day traffic.

Your Delivery Timeline

The timeline is subject and dependent upon the number of revisions. Of course we will revise all deliveries until you are satisfied.

Estimated Timeline:

December - February

Milestone 1 - The Concept & The Brand
1 - 2 weeks
Mobile App Development
4 - 6 weeks
Milestone 2 - The Market
2 - 3 weeks
Milestone 3 - The Launch
1 - 3 weeks

Your Investment

This investment will be divided into 3 payments coinciding with the above milestones.

Concept Development Consulting, Concept Prototype Dev., & Developer Management
Brand Board & Logo Design
Website Development (Single Long Page Scroll with a Download App CTA)
Onpage Search Engine Optimization
Facebook Ad Campaigns (This does not include the clients necessary Daily Ad budget paid to Facebook. The suggested budget is $20 per day but we will aim to spend below your budget.)
Launching Submission, Video, and Graphics
Custom Mobile App Development (App Features will include push notifications, geolocation, signup payment processing, and the ability for users to make changes to their listing)

Total: $7800

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