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Real Estate Tech Startup Web Design

Proposal presented by: Konnectic Energy

It was a true pleasure hearing about your startup idea. I believe it has potential for great success.

During our conversation, I gained a clear understanding of the overall concept and potential use cases.

I was also able to gain further insight from the two example sites provided – and

With this information, I feel confident that I can work alongside your technical cofounder to design your website.

It seems also that we may find synergy in the days ahead and see fit to further our working relationship. I’m open to possibilities.

As I stated on the call, I have two startups myself. One of them is established and progressing, My other company is currently being re-structured. I am changing the business model to become a startup studio through which I intend to produce many successful startups. 

Aside from this being within my wheel house and a great idea, it’s because of this timely encounter that I am most interested in this project. I would open to discussing working with you beyond this first project.

Scope of Services

Wireframing (1 -2 weeks)

This stage is meant to give us an opportunity to brainstorm all possibilities together. I'll create a first concept design in the form of wireframes. Then I'll present the concept to you so that we can discuss revisions. With your feedback, I will iterate these wireframes until you both agree and approve the concept.

Prototyping and User Testing (2 -3 weeks)

As a fellow founder, I know the importance of early testing and feedback. Testing your product concept and implementing the feedback received before beginning development can save your startup time and money as well as secure pre-sell customers. Once we have a concept, I can convert these wireframes into a clickable prototype. This will allow us to interview potential users and ask questions that can improve the product and differentiate it in the market. Here are examples of interview questions - ● What could be done to improve this product? ● What would make you want to tell your friends about this product? ● What’s most appealing to you about this product? ● What might improve your experience using the product? ● What motivates you to continue using this product? ● What’s the hardest part about using this product? ● What features do you wish the product had?

Web Design (3 - 4 weeks)

At this point, your concept will be ready and I can begin designing the website. I'll design the full site. Then we will have 3 rounds of revisions. During each revision round, I will make changes according to your preferences.

Your Estimated Investment

Prototyping and User Testing
Web Design

Total: $6750

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