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Parental Control for Drivers

Proposal presented by: Konnectic Energy

Client's Idea

The client would like an iOS and Android mobile application designed to remove distractions for teenage drivers.

This concept will automatically enable a blank or black phone screen when a teenager begins driving above 12 miles per hour.

The driver's parents will have the ability to disengage the distract-free functionality for up to 30 minutes upon request from the driver.

The Mobile Application features would include distraction free app blocking ability, push notifications, motion sensing ability for driver's speed, geolocation, parental administrative controls, and payment processing for new signups.

Mobile App Development

We've determined your development time to be between 1 to 3 months depending on the state of your current code.

This includes milestone mobile app development and regular progress check ins.

Below you'll find the milestone journey for developing your new mobile application.

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Mobile App Development Milestone Journey

Your mobile app development will include two payment milestones: project kick off and the completion presentation. An additional midway payment milestone will be added if the timeline should need to be extended. At the end of development following your completion presentation, we will include a revision round during which you may give our team a list of revisions to complete according to your preferences. Your cost includes a project manager and a developer for the determined project duration, i.e. 1 - 2 months. (Note: A 3rd month and payment milestone will be added if needed) Features include: - Distraction free app blocking ability - Push notifications - Motion sensing ability for driver's speed - Geolocation - Parental administrative controls - Payment processing for new signups

Project Kick Off

At Kick Off, we will receive the first payment and schedule a call to discuss questions our developers may have. Then, with clarity on both ends, we will proceed in developing your mobile application.

(Optional Milestone For Extended Timeline) - The Midway Presentation

During this milestone, our team will meet with you to discuss progress and confirm the overall direction. Your feedback will assist us in course correcting if need be. This provides assurance for you and removes obstacles for our developers. There will also be a second payment provide at this time.

Milestone - The Completion Presentation

This milestone wraps up our development journey. We will present the complete application and request a list of revisions. Your revisions will then be implemented, we'll gain your approval of the project, and the final payment will be received.

Your Delivery Timeline

The timeline is subject and dependent upon the number of revisions and the state of your current code.

Estimated Timeline:

January - February (Conditional To March)

Project Kick Off
Day 1
Completion and Revisions
4 - 8 weeks

Your Investment

This investment will be divided into 2 payments coinciding with the above milestones.

Project Kick Off
Completion Presentation

Total: $8400

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